13 SIMPLY TASTY Butternut Squash Spiralizer Recipes (2024)

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Butternut squash noodles make for a tasty and healthy pasta-substitute that can help you squash your carb count and drop those pounds.

Learn how to make butternut squash noodles and choose from our whole list of yummy butternut squash noodle recipes to use them with.

Get tips on how to cook butternut squash noodles so that they come out deliciously perfect every time!

13 SIMPLY TASTY Butternut Squash Spiralizer Recipes (1)


13 SIMPLY TASTY Butternut Squash Spiralizer Recipes (2)

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Recommended products

Or, check out our best spiralizer reviews post to make a more informed choice on your veggie noodle tool of choice.

How to make squash noodles

Butternut squash noodles are easy to make using a spiralizer. As with any spiralized vegetable recipe, one of the keys to success is choosing the ideal squash and prepping it right.

Look for a butternut squash that is as evenly symmetrical as possible on all sides. Lumpy produce won’t guide as easily on the spiralizer.

The noodles will be made out of the long neck of the squash. You can’t spiralize the bottom, rounder part of the squash because that’s where all the seeds are.

Basically, you want to make an unpeeled log-shaped portion of squash by doing the follow:

  • Cutting off the round bottom section
  • Cutting off the stem at the top, to create a flat surface
  • Peeling the skin off the remaining squash section

Make sure you get all the way through the skin when peeling, because it is really fibrous and not that enjoyable to eat. Once you’ve done that, you can just set it into your spiralizer like normal and churn out those noodles!

13 SIMPLY TASTY Butternut Squash Spiralizer Recipes (3)

How to cook spiralized squash

Once you have your noodles, there are two ways to cook them:

  • Roast: Spray your baking sheet with some cooking spray, then throw on your noodles and cook in the oven for 8-10 minutes at 400 degrees.
  • Saute: Coat your skillet with some olive oil, then cook the noodles for 4-6 minutes while stirring frequently.

We do NOT recommend boiling the noodles, otherwise they'll get too soft and mushy like howzucchini noodlesthat are cooked improperly do.

Spiralized butternut squash recipes

Now let’s get to the fun part: quick and fun butternut squash spiral recipes to try!

Green salad

If you’re looking for a fresh salad, here’s one that includes kale, quinoa, avocado and walnuts. (via Fashionable Foods)

Curried salad

This perfect fall salad combines your favorite flavors and ingredients from the autumn season, like cinnamon, apples, dates, and pecans. (via Food Faith Fitness)

Inspiralized butternut squash

This warm, roasted salad with pomegranate and pears is actually pretty filling! (via Inspiralized)

Breakfast frittata

A great recipe to start your day, consisting of leafy kale, soft squash noodles, creamy feta, and fluffy eggs. (via Inspiralized)

Noodle bowl

Interesting flavors including chickpea, cranberries, and walnuts. (via Pinch Me Good)

Simple sauce for butternut squash noodles

One of the most classic Italian combos is butternut squash ravioli paired with sage & brown butter, so why not recreate that taste with spiralized squash? (via Boulder Locavore)

Pesto noodles

Garlic and pine nuts bring your pasta to another level. (via Neil's Healthy Meals)

Sauteed butternut squash noodles

If you’re looking for simple and fresh, then try this lemony recipe. Just remember to use this kind of parmesan cheese* to keep it vegetarian. (via Foxes Love Lemons)

Creamy pasta

If you want something richer and creamier than regular pasta that’s still healthy and keeps in line with a Whole30, paleo, or vegan diet, try these garlicky noodles. (via Bites of Wellness)

Baked spiralized squash

Leeks and quinoa make this casserole-like dish even healthier. (via Inspiralized)

Tex-Mex style

Taste the comfort of the South in this mix of black beans, corn, avocado, and cheese.

Another tasty variation to try would be to use spiralized sweet potatoinstead. (via I Food Real)

Stir fry

An Asian-inspired dish that’s like healthy Chinese takeout. Totally a-okay in our book. (via Food by Mars)

Curly fries

Last but not least, spicy fries with cayenne pepper. (via My Flourless Kitchen)

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Eating healthy is so much easier with these hearty butternut squash noodle recipes.

Once you learn how simple it is to make butternut squash spirals and how to cook them properly, it'll be a cinch to incorporate some spiralized butternut squashinto your dishes for color, nutrition, and flavor!

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13 SIMPLY TASTY Butternut Squash Spiralizer Recipes (2024)


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